In a nutshell, our key ethical points are:

  • Law abiding: OBI always pro-actively stay within the legal framework of where it operates;
  • Compliance:  OBI strictly follows international standards (OECD, US, SCIP);
  • Integrity: OBI people have to pro-actively abide to our ethic rules contractually and also have to follow our internal training regularly;
  • Confidentiality: OBI staff and external consultant have to sign confidentiality agreement for each mission they are involved in. Also they all follow a training;
  • Free of conflict of interest: In case of conflict of interest from the company or one of our staff or consultant, our client is immediately informed.

These high standards are applied at multiple level. They first are taken into account at companywide level covering all our activities. Moreover, any employee of OBI receives a training on ethics and must sign the relevant document engaging his/her responsibility in case of a personal breach. The internal ethic training is repeated on a regular basis to ensure that our ethical values are not forgotten.

Finally, all our external CI consultants are required to followed our training on ethical intelligence gathering and have themselves to engage their own responsibility in case of personal breach.