At OBI, we utilize a blended approach to reputation intelligence gathering. While – as many CI companies - OBI works a lot using some of the latest technologies, we have recognized since inception that it is far not enough in reputation intelligence. As such, since 2006, OBI has always done its intelligence mission with people on the ground, speaking the local language, having access to local power social network.



We strongly believe that in reputation intelligence, key information are only accessible offline. This is even truer, in less developed economies with complex social structures and networks, local languages and value systems (beliefs, etc.)

For these very reasons, OBI always bases its works and analysis on intelligence directly gathered on the ground, most of the time by our locally based CI agents!



OBI also collect intelligence using commercially available databases, social network analytical tools, bio and company watch software, sociogram builders, dark internet search tools, internet based databases, internet based local language information search tools, etc.

Being sensitive of the confidentiality of our activities, we also use TOR and other internet anonymizing traffic tools to protect our client intelligence intends.