OBI-Consulting is an European joint-venture company, specializing in background check worldwide.
OBI-Consulting offers a wide scope of services in more than 100 countries worldwide to support its customers’ investigations and developments by deploying operational information research means.


Since we are delivering services to our clients, human capital is the core of our company. We employ people, who can bring value-added services to the clients. Every member of our staff  has  higher  education  (Master's,  MBA,  PhD),  expertise  and  speaks  at  least  three languages. OBI-Consulting has access internally and externally to a wide network seasoned experts, consultants and analysts (more than 250) for international donor funded projects and study researchers.


With over 1200 missions worldwide already completed, OBI-Consulting has accumulated a wide range of industry experience ranging from very much closed industry (e.g. defense, nuclear energy), to complex (telecom, space) to more straight forward ones (such as agro-business, textile, etc.).